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Roll or Hand Roll

Tuna or Salmon Roll $4.50

Yellowtail Scallion Roll $4.95

California Roll / Shrimp Avocado Roll $4.95

Shrimp California Roll $5.50

Eel Avocado or Cucumber Roll $5.99

Salmon Skin Roll $5.50

Tuna or Salmon with Avocado Roll $5.95

Alaska Roll $5.95

smoked salmon, avocado and cucumber

Boston Roll (5 pieces) $5.50

lettuce, avocado, cucumber, shrimp and mayo

Manhattan Roll $5.95

tuna, salmon and avocado

Philadelphia Roll $5.50

smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado

House Special Roll $6.00

cooked salmon, vegetable and eel sauce

Bulgogi Roll $6.99

marinated korean style BBQ beef, cucumber with scallion and sauce

Crab Salad Roll $5.50

Spicy Tuna or Salmon Roll $5.50

Spicy Yellowtail Roll $5.95

Spicy Shrimp Roll $5.99

Crab Roll $3.50